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If you have considered volunteering in the past, but haven't quite gotten around to it, why not come out and meet our group at one of our scheduled Tzu Review showings, and see for yourself. The people who compose our rescue make volunteering fun and rewarding! Their enthusiasm for saving homeless Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apsos, and their furry friends is contagious. Meet our voluteers and see how we are ADDICTED TO RESCUE.

We are not just another group of volunteers, but a group of friends who share the common goal of saving the lives of precious little dogs. If you want to be happy for a day, go to an amusement park. If you want to be happy for a life time, then volunteer for a worthy cause! Make a Difference!

We ALWAYS are in need of caring Foster homes! If you would like to foster, please complete a Volunteer application NOW!


I got involved with fostering after I lost both of my Tzus within a year. I knew I wasn’t ready to find my new forever pup but I had such a hole in my heart I needed to do something. After meeting everyone and seeing that the focus of this group is to truly find the best home for each little Tzu they rescue, I knew it was a good match for me. My friends ask me how we can foster, isn’t it hard to let them go? My answer is yes, it can be very hard but, for each foster we adopt out, another little Tzu gets to be saved. Plus, when you see the joy on the faces of their new family, it’s all worth it. But, I do have to be honest, sometimes one comes along that you just cant give up. Our little Tzu Layla is my one (so far) foster fail. 

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I can’t imagine my life without dogs, Rescue, and DFW Tzus and More. It was indeed a lucky day when I was asked to lead this group. Working with the fabulous DFW Tzus and More volunteers has been the most awesome experience of my life.  We are a group of good friends who have become like family to each other, but without the sibling bickering;-) It doesn’t get any better than working with good friends who share a common passion for saving Shih Tzu and Lhasas. At DFWT&M, it is ALL ABOUT THE DOGS! With the attitude of this group of fabulous volunteers, the sky is the limit!  I am indeed proud to say I am a part of the DFWT&M team and that we continue to make a difference. We are ADDICTED TO RESCUE and proud of it:-)


Hi my name is Diane and since I was a little kid I have always loved animals. While growing up my family always had a dog. Dogs bring so much joy into my life and since I do not have children they fill the void. At this time my husband and I have two of our own Shih Tzu’s that are our little clowns. I have always wanted to be involved in some kind of animal rescue. I found DFW Tzu’s and More on the internet and quickly got involved in fostering these little babies. I have not belonged to the group very long and have only fostered 2 dogs so far, but it is very rewarding to save these little guys and to offer them a happy, healthy home that they deserve.


When my son started high school, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and wanted to find something "important" to do. I met a woman who had fostered Shih Tzus in the past and she told me about a wonderful new rescue group in the area. I checked them out, sent in my volunteer application and the rest is history. To this day, there is nothing nothing more rewarding for me than to help an abused, neglected or just unwanted dog go from a terrified, scared mass of hair to an amazing member of their perfect family.



My name is Samantha, and my reasons for volunteering and fostering is a strong love and desire for animals. It is something I got from my parents. I grew up in a cat lover’s house. I have one true brother. His name was Bear, a Maine coon cat, and the biggest fluffy ball, and the greatest brother a girl could have. He still beat up on me, picked on me like brothers do. The only difference was he was a cat.




After adopting our Bonnie from the group, I followed a shelter's website online and forwarded a beautiful Lhasa/Tzu mix's pic to the group leader and asked if the dog could possibly be rescued by the group.  They agreed and asked if I could be a "temporary" foster for him until a permanent foster could be found.  We've been fostering ever since that first Lhasa/Tzu, who we ended up keeping as part of our four dog Tzu pack/family!


I found this wonderful group when I was looking for a companion for myself and my wonderful Gidget.  I attended several PetSmart events and fell in love with the group and the dogs.  Finding ideal families for our homeless dogs is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.


I was always a “cat person” until I took on what was supposed to be temporary custody of the dog my daughter had in college.  He came to live with me when she embarked on a career after graduation.  We quickly bonded and I discovered that I was also a “dog person.”  She tried to reclaim him within a year but decided that he belonged with me.  Our beloved Bud died from congestive heart failure in May of 2014.  Soon after his death, I decided that I wanted to provide a forever home for a rescued dog. Thanks to Bud, my heart had expanded, creating room for another furry friend.  My online search led me to DFW Tzus and More Rescue, and I adopted Bandhu aka Skeet. A week later, his foster mom asked if I would consider fostering with the group.  Service has always been the way I express love and use my talents.  I wore many volunteer hats as a stay at home mom during my children’s school years.  After my nest was empty, I focused on helping my elderly parents when assistance was needed.  Now that they are gone, I am committed to nurturing the dogs that I foster until the right match comes along.  Everyone wins.


My first dog as an adult was a Lhasa Apso named Spencer. When I bought my house I decided to foster dogs. I researched for a group that worked with similar breeds to Spencer and found DFW Tzus and More. I have enjoyed fostering. I love working with the dogs and seeing them go into their forever homes.


David & I have been involved in shihtzu rescue since 2002.   We don't have human kids, so the Tzus are our kids.  New personalities in the house mixed with our own Tzus add to the joys of life.  Rescued is OUR favorite breed!!  Unconditional love at its finest!


I fell in love with Shih Tzu's as  breed 28 years ago with my first pup Toto. I adopted my first pair in 2000 from a different but wonderful rescue group. When I walked away with my new adopted pups I saw both fosters with tears in their eyes.

I thought, " How can they have the strength to do this?" . I was humbled. In 2014 I lost my heart dog Mickey to cancer. I adopted from DFWTZUS and Heidi, my new pups foster mom, mentioned that I would make a great foster dad.

That spark took hold and I volunteered to foster pups on an emergency basis, then on a regular basis.. The need for foster parents never stops. I was hooked, gratified and humbled at the joy and happiness that we bring to our adopters and the pups we foster. I now understood how those wonderful fosters back in 2000 could weep and smile as I took my new dogs home that day. Saving lives and healing hearts is what it's all about.


I am a UT graduate, a retired high school librarian, and a big-time dog lover.  About 12 years ago, I discovered rescue, and it is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.   I’m so proud and happy to volunteer with DFW Tzus and More Rescue as we are totally dedicated to finding the absolute best home for the dogs in our care.  There’s nothing like knowing you’re helping  to facilitate “a match made in heaven!”  And we have been very successful at it!  


My love of dogs began at a very early age and I have always had at least one dog in my life. Currently, I own four – Joey and Spike, Chihuahuas; Hannah a Yorkie-Poo; and Princess a Shih Tzu. And then there’s Toby a 22 lb cat who is just part of the pack.

I had always thought that someday when the time was right, I would volunteer with a rescue group. Well, that time came when a small Shih Tzu walked up to me while I was working in my yard. After unsuccessfully trying to locate the owner, I contacted a local rescue group that I found on the internet and asked them to help her find a home. I offered to foster her until a home could be found. Little did I know that I would still be fostering 12 1/2 years later.

Fostering is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. It can be heartbreaking at times but the rewards of taking a discarded, homeless dog and watching it turn into a beautiful animal with some training, good food, and a lot of love and attention far outweighs the heartbreak. But the best part is seeing your “baby” off to a home where you know they will be loved and cherished as part of a family for the rest of their lives. There is no better feeling in the world.


After retiring, spouse Don and I joined many others volunteering with DFWTzus.  Other charities have been rewarding, but nothing has compared to helping a matted, sad, helpless, homeless furbaby find a wonderful home.  I encourage all to help the animals by donating dollars, time, old towels, newspapers and most of all by providing a good home.   Ghandi put it best, I think, "The greatness  of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated

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